Thursday, July 11, 2013

Not a lot of Go in my Hero

I am in technology prison.  HELL is more like it, maybe even a deep level of Dante's Inferno.
My work computer is with the IT crew, work phone stopped getting emails 3 days ago and I have been fighting for hours with my GoPro.  It seemed to lock up on my last expedition and has been nothing but a royal pain in the ass (P.I.A.) for 2 nights now.
Updates are not working, iPhone app helped for 2 minutes before it went crazy, take batteries out, try to reboot, wifi remote is not functional, pop out SD card, reboot, look for more updates, refresh app and even uninstalled things, reboot computer, reboot GoPro, refresh and even re-added them and on and on and on.... I am just max'd out with it.  Something that is supposed to record joy is such a pain I don't want to ever use it again.  And if I was recording any of it, the current video would be flagged and would be a solid beeping noise.

SO .... I'll have some reviews out soon on the last trip including gear reviews, trout caught, camping gear reviews, food tips, local trips and I even have 2 new rods that are unfished to talk about that just came in the mail.