Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wisconsin's Driftless Area

I have heard about this little section of Wisconsin for over 15 years now and finally had the chance to fished it. The Driftless area southeast of LaCrosse.
It's near the Elroy-Sparta trail (which is an amazing place for bicycles) but also Trout.  Tight little streams called Coulee's and there are lots of them.  Most with little spots to put off the side of the road to fish.  You are not going to pull out any lunkers but the chance to get your feet wet and catch trout about 4+ hours from Chicago is a great find.  The Driftless Area is super cool and is perfect for Tenkara.  Lots of overhangs and corners where it could be next to impossible to cast western style.
Tenkara, once again.....TENKARA
Cow Crossing - hope you are upstream when they do their business (crossing or #2)