Friday, January 24, 2014

I should be called the Tenkara Slacker

I have to fully admit that I am a total slacker at times, or in better terms a total slacker for chunks of time.
I haven't posted here in over 3 months....Slacker!
And you know what is ever worse then just being a total slacker about posting is that I have tied dozens and dozens of different flies and even got the chance to Tenkara in Boulder and I haven't even posted a single pic.   Slacker, I know.   There are multiple new rods in the quiver.  And cool new gear that I've fished and tested.  A new Tenkara net making project (2 nets in the bending stages).  Even work done on having a Tenkara Hero Fly box to come with flies.!!!  I know. O'how I know.

So the conclusion I have come up with is NO MORE.  No More Slackin'  No More!
Newton is not only a great cookie but his laws of motion hold true.  Even with temperatures closing in on absolute zero here in the 312, this body is back in motion.