Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Day of Smalls

Good day out this afternoon.  Water levels were about 4-6" up from a short rain shower a few days ago.  And I didn't catch anything larger then 6".  Quite day on the creek.  Did come across 2 older ladies in kayaks passing thru enjoying the sunny day, like 75 yrs young. Kinda badass actually.

Most of the weeds in the creek are gone or never had the chance to come up this spring with non-stop high water (6' up at times).  This is making fishing slightly more challenging and you really have to pick your spots well and make sure the fly is in the right spot.  The fish that are out are very aggressive and will smash anything they find tasty looking.

Caught around a dozen of so in about an hour, but the highlights were these 2 small guys, both caught on a Pink Squirrel that I still had tied on since I was in The Driftless a few weeks back.  Smallest bass I have ever caught (or at least I think it's a Bass) and a nice tiny sunfish.