Friday, April 3, 2015

No more TenkaraHero

To the followers of this blog I would like to express my thanks and gratitude.

When we first came up with the idea of the TenkaraHero blog it was simply based on our new found (and short lived) interest with GoPro cameras.  We'd document things and edit cool videos, all that kinda jazz.  Then came the love of all things Tenkara and getting back into fly fishing and tying. It really did become my new hero, so to say.  So the ripped off tag line of "be a hero" became TenkaraHero.  And maybe, in the back of my small mind, the videos would be so cool, how could we not get a lowest of the low level "chuck of the shoulder" from GoPro and maybe newer cameras.

SO,  lots of half baked ideas in there with positive intentions.    Truth - Editing video totally sucks, GoPros change every second and there is always a "plus" version or newer numbered camera out there......which really kinda pisses a person after they buy one and then next version is out 2 weeks later!!  Plus you record 90 to 95% crap.  Plus is adds a huge level of time and complexity to everything!

Also, I really struggled with the word Hero.  I am which am not.  Tenkara is really my hero.  Tenkara got me back into fly tying and fly fishing.  It added a HUGE piece to my bike touring and overall lifestyle.
I never saw myself as the TenkaraHero.  But I know and consider a few people my Tenkara Heroes.
Christophe, Chris Stewart, Tom Davis, Mike , Jason and many, many others inspire me.  Thank you.

Plus overall, in my current stage in life I really need to simplify things.  Adding all the filming, editing, writing and technical junk was taking time i don't feel I have currently.  With 2 boys under 6, I need to optimize my family and water time.  So I am killing the TenkaraHero and going to attempt to scale back all things electronic.

Thanks to everyone.
Peace & Tenkara

Monday, November 3, 2014

High Water in Salt Creek

Nice day to be in the water with the PNW TenkaraHero.  Water was about a foot or so higher than normal and fish were not really around.
We did manage to still get 3 species and about 7 fish.