Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Season opener...not so hot

First real day back in the home waters and I got skunked.  Big time.  It was unusually hot, like 94F summery hot (if you didn't get the memo, spring started this week in Chicago) and I so badly wanted it to be awesome.  Not at all.  A single hit.  Weeks of waiting.  Zero.  
The water is still pretty cold, very swift, and fish are tiny and on the bottom.  So I fished with my Rinfu 35sr, a 9' -#3 level line with a 8" bit of red amnesia as a sighter and 3' of 7x tippet with a weighted killer bug on a #14.  I did have a feeling with more practice and a longer line with one more color of a sighter (pink #2.5) it could we a wicked combination.  I still need a bulky fly with a very small hook (#20>) that I can get down thru swift water.