Monday, May 26, 2014

Tenkara Hero PNW #3

Caught plenty of trout today. These guys were the notable ones. In order: small/cute, chubby, and pretty big!

After catching little guys all day this last one was a surprise. As you can see, I caught him on a Wooly Worm. This was towards the end of the day and I was just experimenting with flies seeing what would happen. I got a take from this fish on the biggest, flashiest Tenkara Hero kebari, but he spit it out before I could set the hook. I fished it a bit more but got nothing. So I rested the spot for a while and returned to it with the Wooly Worm. No action on dead drift, but some skittering on the surface got his attention and WHAM. This was my biggest fish on a tenkara setup to date. I felt a little under gunned with the Kiyotaki 24 but managed to get bring this one to shore.

The other Tenkara Hero fly that worked well today was a #14 (?) brassie.

Should have taken a photo of this river. Next time. (But I'm not telling where it is unless you buy me a coffee!)